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Some of the comments sent to Matthew VanDyke via Twitter, Facebook,

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Note: Due to the large volume of comments VanDyke has received in recent months, it is no longer possible to update this page. However, continue to send your comments because he reads each one and is encouraged by your support.


(Last updated October, 2012)

"Looking forward to your contribution as an authority on the region." - @wingzofsteel via Twitter 10/13/12

"Yours is the only clear intelligent knowledgeable assesment of what happened to the consulate in Benghazi that I have read." - @donnachaidhreid via Twitter 10/12/12

"I'm grateful for your factual view on Libya" - @writersusannah via Twitter 10/11/12

"Thanks again for the work you are doing...." - @SGrochowsky via Twitter 10/11/12

"i read the article (about Syrian revolution film at, in the vasque country the people support what you do!!! one greeting" - Mikel Ordorika Gant via Facebook 10/10/12

"Love your profile and what you are doing. Heartfelt thanks from a Libyan who can't do what you are doing" - @Mouzughi via Twitter 10/10/12

"Looking forward to more great content." - @Adam_Hirschhorn via Twitter 10/9/12

"You are a brave soul. We have so many soft Americans who are spoiled and don't ever think abt what's going on. STAY SAFE" - @cmdorsey via Twitter 10/7/12

"impressive list of vocations" - @JohnHdhntr via Twitter 10/6/12

"Thank you, very much for risking your life for liberty & freedom. Your bravery is well appreciated. You are a silent hero" - @olfashdeb via Twitter 10/4/12

"Was just reading your blog; look forward to reading more." - @CynthiaSpeaks via Twitter 10/1/12

"Thx for the follow Matt. I am extremely interested in your work and supporting the truth." - @jjcrocket via Twitter 10/1/12

"Glad you are alive to tell the tale, solider!" - V. Feldman via email 9/30/12

"Thank You for your unwavering service that has resulted in never before freedoms for many people" - @RickyK063 via Twitter 9/30/12

"Thanks for fighting the good fight be safe! Pray for you." - @SandFostcat via Twitter 9/30/12

"keep up the good fight!" - @RedLugh via Twitter 9/30/12

"Your effort to help the oppressed is so amazing.. IA the end of Bashar al-Assad and his cruelty towards our brothers and sisters in syria is near.." - Fatima Nash via Google+ 9/30/12

"God bless you .. hopefully we'll get our freedom very soon -God willing-." - @SyriaSara via Twitter 9/29/12

"Much respect what you're doing - keep safe." - @bpierce143 via Twitter 9/28/12

"Keep up the good work." - @MollyJones99 via Twitter 9/28/12

"i thought the heroes as such ( a hero who serves for humanity , for the sake of the oppressed ones and for dear friends , ) in spite of different religious background only exists in novels and fictitious stories.. but now i see that such heroes do exist around us even for real.. Great work Mathew.." - Nachelle.Nachon via The Freedom Fighter Blog 9/27/12

"Your website and your story seem very interesting!" - Habsolutelyfree via Twitter 9/25/12

"I would love to hear any inside info on the good people of #Benghazi. All my respect to you!" - @ARSMEL via Twitter 9/25/12

"Reading your blog etc. w/ great interest. Appreciate your unique experience and point of view." - @susansoprano via Twitter 9/25/12

"Thank you for your service, Matthew, and for the information, as well." - Kandy Z via LinkedIn 9/24/12

"Matthew...thank you for keeping us informed. It is very sad what happened but I believe that the State of Libya has a great future and must not be spoiled by "20 or 50 idiots" as you say." - Colin G. via LinkedIn 9/24/12

"thank you for all that you do." - @mikealbeland via Twitter 9/24/12

"Matthew the Libyan people will continue to surprise the world thanks for your support. However, they will also continue to need your support to build true democracy" - Ali Elferjani via Facebook 9/24/12

"your life is really interesting and I'm sure you are a special person" - @mikylaspe via Twitter 9/24/12

"Your work is amazing." - @lightgraphs via Twitter 9/24/12

"you have my utmost respect... even though you hail from america you help arabs in their revolution , that is one of the most kindest deeds a man can do , may allah grant you heaven for what you have done" - kyle786khan via YouTube 9/24/12

"God bless you sir, putting your life and beliefs on the line. May you be successful in what you set out to achieve." - Pkp Plp via Facebook 9/21/12

"I admire that you stand for what you believe. I am working to be more like that..." - @MeganDupree1 via Twitter 9/21/12

"I support your struggle for independence.I will follow your shares on the region on twitter." - @YaseminKNDRL via Twitter 9/21/12

"Thank you for the risks you take and work you do." - @p4r771m3r via Twitter 9/21/12

"Удалось бежать из вражеской тюрьмы? Это впечатляет. Значит, дух свободы очень силён. Вы счастливый человек. Пусть удача сопутствует Вам и дальше в жизни" - Nikolay Faxonov via Facebook 9/20/12

"Respect from tunisia" - invaders166 via YouTube 9/19/12

"great info on 'What led to the recent attack in Libya'" - @marypmadigan via Twitter 9/16/12

"@Matt_VanDyke @businessinsider Matthew I hope all the people in power have as much common sense as you do and I hope they use it." - @parisdreams2014 via Twitter 9/15/12

"Stay safe man and take care of yourself.. You are a hero. God bless you." - @MNDOO7 via Twitter 9/15/12

"@Matt_VanDyke @BusinessInsider Seems as though you were right about that attack in Benghazi." - @kemet2000 via Twitter 9/14/12

"i appreciated your video. I hope to see more from you" - @Brntallyn via Twitter 9/14/12

"Keep your head down! God speed!" - @ugh_Me_ via Twitter 9/14/12

"You are a very brave man." - nancy kahl via Google+ 9/13/12

"Be safe out there." - @NateRawlings via Twitter 9/13/12

""Matthew...thank you for a reasoned explanation regarding what happened in Libya" - Colin Greatorex via LinkedIn 9/13/12

"Thank you, Matthew [ article with VanDyke's theory of what happened in the US consulate attack in Benghazi, Libya]. Some sanity is nice today." - Kandy Z via LinkedIn 9/13/12

"@evansolomoncbc Evan, if you want the REAL story of the Benghazi incident, read this: … =>Get in touch with @Matt_VanDyke" - @In_Sight_Full via Twitter 9/13/12

"@Matt_VanDyke @businessinsider Best article on what actually happened." - @donnachaidhreid via Twitter 9/13/12

"Keep your head down and stay safe/ JR" - @WritingFactory via Twitter 9/13/12

"Keep up the good work." - @vturn1963 via Twitter 9/13/12

"@Matt_VanDyke @BusinessInsider Wow, you nailed it! From the timeline of events this was OBVIOUSLY a "spontaneous attack of opportunity"." - @In_Sight_Full via Twitter 9/13/12

"Hi Matthew i saw your adventures you are a very brave man especially in Lybia war it was a harsh one i saw mostly all footages of lybia civil war us known tunisia is lybia is neighbour country in north west many tunisian fought in lybia and died ( got martyred by our concept ) and many lybian refuges told us alsoo about mines ... &&&&Respect for a brave soldier &&&&" - Pasha via email 9/12/12

"been following you for a few months but just realized you are a fellow Baltimore native and UMBC Poli Sci grad. Awesome!" - @mkett13 via Twitter 9/12/12

"Following @Matt_VanDyke and very interested on his opinions of the events in #Egypt and #Lybia today" - @angerboot via Twitter 9/12/12

"Reading #US ambassador killed by those #Wahabi & #Salafi Rocket -thought abt U as free man fighting dictators 4better life" - @RU4rights2 via Twitter 9/12/12

"Best luck for you :)" - @BettinaViereck via Twitter 9/11/12

"TY to you Matthew for your great job!" - @vogliolapace via Twitter 9/10/12

"Great adventures you've had." - @mpsmith3 via Twitter 9/10/12

"keep up the fight. And stay safe!" - @pfirefighter86 via Twitter 9/9/12

"Your quest to aide the oppressed in the M.E. and share their story with the world are honorable and courageous. You are doing this, while 1000's of able arabs [educated, wealthy, etc...], sit and watch all these events [tragic] suffering their own kin !! you are a hero Matt, you stand for others - even when many ignore their own. Be well on ur journey .. Peace Bro.." - Maher Hatoum via Facebook 9/7/12

"The conventions have dominated the news here,but thanks for getting the word out.Stay safe brother!" - @kemet2000 via Twitter 9/7/12

"I just like @Matt_VanDyke facebook page for updates on Syria, Lybia, and Egypt! Check it out if your interested!" - @angerboot via Twitter 9/7/12

"A huge thank you to @Matt_VanDyke for his part in helping me win third place in the AIC essay contest! I am honored by this distinction" - @HLLivingLoco via Twitter 9/7/12

"I stand with you in solidarity and send you gratitude." - @AlbqBonita via Twitter 9/6/12

"you are very brave." - @KyllikiT via Twitter 9/6/12

"After looking at your site, I’m overawed by your courage & dedication to your beliefs. Truly amazing & inspirational" - @Sprats1 via Twitter 9/6/12

"Thank you for insider info from Syria!" - @sinandemirez via Twitter 9/6/12

"Please follow @Matt_VanDyke, support his efforts to produce a documentary on the #FSA. We need this badly. #Syria" - @RafifJ via Twitter 9/5/12

"I gave @Matt_VanDyke +K about Libya Revolution on @klout." - @Riginal_Zin via Twitter 9/5/12

"@Matt_VanDyke is a modern age #Hemmingway! Read his post about fighting in #syria! #valuesareimportant" - @IR_DylanBrown via Twitter 9/5/12

"Hello Matthew, I liked your facebook page, and the stories are so amazing. Thanks for sharing. I will continue to follow your stories." - @carpetgurl via Twitter 9/4/12

"Wow, Matthew! You have a hell of a story!" - @Riginal_Zin via Twitter 9/4/12

"I've made a hashtag to spread your movie between arabs. Also, to appreciate your help in #Syria. #ماثيو_و_مسعود" - @hoopoe20 via Twitter 9/3/12

"Bravo, sir! Very encouraged by what you are doing, and look forward to learning more, and supporting the people of Syria." - @DarylNorthrop via Twitter 8/31/12

"so interesting your job.:: good luck" - @marcekmacho via Twitter 8/31/12

"Escape from Abu Salim Prison … "Those thousands of Syrian prisoners are waiting for us" god bless u @Matt_VanDyke #Syria" - @husseinyi via Twitter 8/30/12

"amazing ..." - @HaifaaMhd via Twitter 8/30/12

"بطل يستحق المتابعه @Matt_VanDyke" - @algwesry via Twitter 8/30/12

"@Matt_VanDyke @CTVNews Thanks 4 your work Matt.We are getting limited coverage here,because of the conventions,Thanks 4 telling this story." - @kemet2000 via Twitter 8/29/12

"Tycker att @medierna ska kika på Syrien-projektet @Matt_VanDyke håller på med. Lär höja ett par ögonbryn." - @CFKlebergTT via Twitter 8/29/12

"What a legend" - jmac41527 via YouTube 8/29/12

"I gave @Matt_VanDyke +K about Syria on @klout" - @Echo2Zs via Twitter 8/29/12

"@Matt_VanDyke @CTVNews Awesome!!" - @DCProfessor1 via Twitter 8/28/12

"@Matt_VanDyke @CTVNews I wish we could get you and @DCProfessor1 in a meeting with Obama and other US leaders......#NoFlyZone NOW!" - @parisdreams2014 via Twitter 8/28/12

"Don't agree w/ conclusion, but interesting article by @Matt_VanDyke about his escape from #AbuSalim prison in #Libya" - @delaneychambers via Twitter 8/28/12

"Keep in touch Matt - let me know when you're back. Good luck and stay safe." - @tinapittaway via Twitter 8/28/12

"Please support Matthew's documentary fund. #Syria" - @MaiSutherland via Twitter 8/27/12

"Thru power of film, support @Matt_VanDyke 2 tell story of freedom fighters #Syria. Donate 2 his #film on @indiegogo" - @iamshaima via Twitter 8/26/12

"Truly an inspirational video created by @Matt_VanDyke Thank You! Please watch and share." - @History_Buff via Twitter 8/26/12

"Please follow @Matt_VanDyke. He reported from #Syria and is an Director from #NGO - his words: "Director of After The Revolution" #FF" - @Muschelschloss via Twitter 8/26/12

"Great work, thank you and god bless. keep the good work" - @ke2233 via Twitter 8/26/12

"You are my hero. I could not have made it mentally, or physically [Libyan prison]." - Colleen Barton via Facebook 8/26/12

"Good luck to you and be careful ... !" - @Muschelschloss via Twitter 8/26/12

"@Matt_VanDyke - escaping Abu Salim Prison and fighting the war of others; a blog worth reading." - @eivindnatvig via Twitter 8/26/12

"You sir are the ******* man. In case you didn't already know!" - Bình Võ via Facebook 8/26/12

"We are glad that you are fine..and thank you for everything you did.." - Emma Mukhtar Elghoul via Facebook 8/26/12

"We re so proud of you." - Tonia Dwyer via Facebook 8/26/12

"Thank you very much for your effort and your project and your help .... I hope we will give you syrian citizenship after the regime fall" - Andrei via email 8/26/12

"Im FSA Sniper And FSEA i Have A Honor To Fight Beside U Here In Syria" - BlackHat Breacher via Facebook 8/26/12

"much respect for all your work, freedom fighter." - Mohammed Omran via Facebook 8/25/12

"I really appreciate your efforts for freedom." - @SafaaAnsar via Twitter 8/25/12

"Love the article, and you are very brave to take a stand and fight for what you believe!" - Robert Lewis via Facebook 8/25/12

"I gave @Matt_VanDyke +K about Syria on @klout. Get home safe dude! Stay fresh!!!" - @SeeFreshFilms via Twitter 8/25/12

"U R an exceptional and courageous gentleman, what you doing making Libyans and Syrian proud of having you on ME land" - @allpeopleareone via Twitter 8/25/12

"you're doing great things for a lot of us. Continue to inspire, man!" - @Shadouness via Twitter 8/25/12

"To all those who care about #Syria and the image of the #FSA, kindly support @Matt_VanDyke" - @Amran_AlSharhan via Twitter 8/25/12

"I salute you Mathew...You are a brave man ....You actually were with my son's Kateeba I think in Brega God bless you for what you did and are still doing" - Asma RK via Facebook 8/25/12

"Read this man of courage's story" - @WBALPete via Twitter 8/25/12

"Matthew you are an amazing person god bless you" - Sizarfree via YouTube 8/24/12

"Walk in Peace Matt - and return well asap .." - Maher Hatoum via Facebook 8/24/12

"I look forward to supporting your cause, and experiencing the film." - @angerboot via Twitter 8/24/12

"Welcome in Syria Hero" - Ajaj Mohammad via Facebook 8/24/12

"@Matt_VanDyke a hero who has joined libyan rebels & now defending dignity in #Syria" - @Urgency8 via Twitter 8/24/12

"May God be with u" - @Libyanldy via Twitter 8/24/12

"@Matt_VanDyke Don't forget to bring stinger missles with you ..... urgently .... Best regards ... #Syria" - @suriahora via Twitter 8/24/12

"@Matt_VanDyke الله ينصرك God beside you" - @sharke00 via Twitter 8/24/12

"Perhaps you know the story of the amazing @Matt_VanDyke from #Libya. He was captured & Survived!!" - @PicoBee via Twitter 8/24/12

"Congrats on your amazing anniversary. [1 year since Abu Salim prison escape]" - @mpf2011 via Twitter 8/24/12

"Happy #Freedom Day! Thankful for your safety....the World needs more men like you. #Respect" - @parisdreams2014 via Twitter 8/24/12

"Soldier on Brother. Dont worry about crying hippies that abuse their freedom's that we fight & die for. Free #Syria" - @BeJohnboy70 via Twitter 8/24/12

"God bless." - @AhmedKadry via Twitter 8/24/12

"One year ago today @Matt_VanDyke escaped from a Libyan prison.. I'm editing my interview w/ him for @abc2news at 11" - @chrisinbmore via Twitter 8/24/12

"Congratulations Matt. I really, really admire your courage. I know you'll always have friends in #Libya" - @fabucat via Twitter 8/24/12

"Good luck with the film and the trip." - @A_Heretic via Twitter 8/24/12

"God bless you" - @jaNoobyh via Twitter 8/24/12

"It's a JOY 2 c u & everybody, who made it safe from that genocide. I cry the loss of relatives and loved ones during that war" - @AmoainA via Twitter 8/24/12

"I am glad that you scape from that jail. Greatings from Venezuela" - @zbestella via Twitter 8/24/12

"OMG this was incredible what You did and overall being So BRAVEHEART. GODBLESS." - @Louangie via Twitter 8/24/12

"Tonight at 11, see @chrisinbmore's intv with @Matt_Vandyke. He talks about how he escaped Libya & why he's going back into another war zone" - @jocefromthenews via Twitter 8/24/12

"Here's my story on @Matt_VanDyke planning to go to Syria- web story includes longer clips of the interview as well" - @chrisinbmore via Twitter 8/24/12

"Great challenge you decide to take mate. I appreciate that honestly wishing all the luck & support you deserve. Kudos!" - @enum68 via Twitter 8/23/12

"Its pleasure to follow-up your interesting activities please accepts my respect.Prestige Institute-Manama-Kingdom of Bahrain" - @HrPrestige via Twitter 8/23/12

"you are inspirational!" - @__kirensafien via Twitter 8/23/12

"RESPECT :D" - @ASamir_45 via Twitter 8/23/12

"You really have a good reputation among people :) God bless you Matt" - @Soso331991 via Twitter 8/22/12

"Appreciate your work Matt, wish there were more of you out there. Stay safe. #GodBless" - @Antoinepaul78 via Twitter 8/21/12

"@kgcentral @joshuafoust Matthew uses his talent to provide insight into Libya & Syria while saving lives. cc: @Matt_VanDyke" - @ReginaldQuill via Twitter 8/21/12

"good luck man we proud over you" - @semo33 via Twitter 8/21/12

"You're doing the right thing even if this involving risks of death.#FreeSyria#FreedomForFamily. BRAVE HEART." - @Louangie via Twitter 8/21/12

"I wish you the best of luck on your journey into Syria. Come home safely." - Harrison Lee via Facebook 8/21/12

"God bless you mr.Matthew" - Mahmoud Mousa via Facebook 8/21/12

"welcome i believe our in the right place that will attract many people to see it ,i love your creativity and your area of interest insyria, this will be abig traphet to all nations.GOD bless you" - @CollinsMontel via Twitter 8/21/12

"I want to congratulate you on your bravery. Many Syrians won't come close to what you do." - @Syriapressions via Twitter 8/21/12

"I know you get thousands of messages, so I won't be offended if you don't answer.. As a former photojournalist myself, I applaud and support you. It's men like you that can move worlds. Best of luck. I mean it." - Olaf Growald via Facebook 8/21/12

"Matt; i know that your presence will have a positive effect on the unit you're assigned to prevent any atrocities from taking place - this is a good thing; you will be saving lives, just by being there." - Maher Hatoum via Facebook 8/21/12

"Good interview on CNN." - @TiGazoo via Twitter 8/20/12

"@DavidGrann Do you think @Matt_VanDyke has something in common with William Morgan? A must read story btw @CNNValencia" - @joshrushing via Twitter 8/20/12

"@Matt_VanDyke needs your support. Help Matt get this powerful film about the #Syrian Revolution funded" - @angerboot via Twitter 8/20/12

"i saw this in the news cycle yesterday, looking forward to the film" - Curt Webb via Facebook 8/20/12

"Matthew VanDyke Some pple really live as men" - Amgad Assem via Facebook 8/20/12

"Great report [CNN report on Matthew VanDyke's Syrian revolution film project]. As told before I wish you the very best success for your project." - @BettinaViereck via Twitter 8/20/12

"Keep on fighting the good fight, and always report to us the real story, Going to check your project on [Kickstarter]" - @angerboot via Twitter 8/20/12

"Good luck and stay safe!" - @jp_duke via Twitter 8/20/12

"hello, im a former USMC. that served in iraq, i beleive in your cause. would like to know the steps to take to follow in your steps?" - ***** (name edited for his security) via Facebook 8/20/12

"You are a hero to all the humanity and wish I had your courage!!" - Indy Nando via Facebook 8/20/12

"people like you are inspiring...if u do g to #Syria may God protect u...l will be definitely following ur tweets, God bless. Stay safe..." - @ZetonaXX via Twitter 8/20/12

"@Matt_VanDyke @CNNValencia @CNN I've just looked at it. Great report. As told before I wish you the very best success for your project." - @BettinaViereck via Twitter 8/20/12

"One of the most important and reliable italian newspaper La Stampa talks today about u and yr experience" - @linadago26 via Twitter 8/20/12

"Good luck and stay safe!" - @jp_duke via Twitter 8/20/12

"I highly respect you for your conviction and beliefs sir. Like you there are many of us in the "Region" that feel the same way as you. I can see the passion and the moral fortitude that drives you and I understand very thing you say because there are many more like you that can't make it to be by your side. Always remember to watch your six and have an E&E plan." - ***** (name edited for his security) via email 8/19/12

"God bless u Matthew..." - Frank Sa via Facebook 8/19/12

"Long live Matthew VanDyke ! !!!!" - Maria Angeles via Facebook 8/19/12

"God bless u brother" - Ammar Ghanimeh via Facebook 8/19/12

"Such a brave man who was fightin with libyan & now with syrian May god bless u" - @ahadmajdali via Twitter 8/19/12

"Saw you on CNN last night,great interview.Be careful brother,thanks 4 all that you do!" - @kemet2000 via Twitter 8/19/12

"Baltimorelu gazeteci @Matt_VanDyke, Libya'dan sonra yine cepheye dönerek bu sefer Suriye'deki direnişin belgeselini çekmeye hazırlanıyormuş." - @CuneydEr via Twitter 8/19/12

"just read your story, I've never seen someone care about people, let alone from a different country. #HERO." - @_VintageBeau_ via Twitter 8/19/12

"amazing story. I followed the Libyan Revolution in an hourly basis through tweeter. You and all others are real heroes, real Libyans. greetings from somebody in Montreal." - TheThinker1958 via The Freedom Fighter Blog 8/18/12

"You are an incredible role model...and an honored friend." - Diane Gallemore via Facebook 8/18/12

"Hey Matthew , ur r a true hero...god bless u. we r really exited about u coming to Syria and joining our revolution...its really kind of u" - ***** (name edited for his security) via Facebook 8/18/12

"Very impressed with your work, May God Bless U & Keep U Safe Always" - Maria Cruz via Facebook 8/18/12

"you're a real hero, I hope you all the best in your endeavor into Syria. Do it for the people who have been oppressed for generations. Do it for the livelihoods of the children who have never breathed a breath of freedom in their lives. Do it for the Birth of liberty and the death of dictatorship. Do it for the people of Syria. "Hasta la victoria siempre!"" - Karim Allen via Facebook 8/18/12

"I just watched it [CNN interview about VanDyke's Syria film]. Freaking awesome, Matthew. I had no idea that you were arrested before NATO got involved." - Camilla Bok Bok on Facebook 8/18/12

"Thank you for helping the Syrian people Matthew I think you are amazing." - Darlene BlueCat via Facebook 8/18/12

"Really interesting story! I heard about an American guy fighting in Libya but I didn't know much else. Stay safe in Syria! And thank you for helping our freedom fighters in Libya." - Somayya Gefori via Facebook 8/18/12

"Congrats bro! You're so brave! We love you and appreciate your efforts. Keep up the good work, waiting for your film..." - @MazharYasin via Twitter 8/18/12

"Best of luck in Syria" - @JJLye via Twitter 8/18/12

"Kick some a** out there in Syria!" - @AJMendez84 via Twitter 8/18/12

"@Matt_VanDyke @CNNValencia @CNN Congratulations Matt :)" - @A22523 via Twitter 8/18/12

"@Matt_VanDyke @CNNValencia @CNN Awesome! Congrats!!!" - @DCProfessor1 via Twitter 8/18/12

"Good luck in Syria Matthew, I appreciate all your positive work. Stay safe" - @syrianfaris via Twitter 8/18/12

"I'm able to tune in this morning [CNN interview]. Excited for the piece. That's some amazing press. You seem to have PR under control." - @patrparkinson via Twitter 8/18/12

"Lacking the artillery to take down regime forces the Free Syrian Army is depending on informative article by my new friend Matthew VanDyke who plans to join the rebels in Syria soon. Godspeed Matthew" - Ruthanne Sikora via Facebook 8/18/12

"proud of you Matthew VanDyke" - Diane Gallemore via Facebook 8/18/12

"I gave @Matt_VanDyke +K about Syria because This #Filmmaker is heading 2 #Syria 2 make the ultimate epic." - @SeeFreshFilms via Twitter 8/18/12

"You Kick-A my friend!!" - Ant Dakini via Facebook 8/18/12

"We should all give to this project [VanDyke's Syria film Kickstarter campaign]. An American wih an incredible commitment and integrity...." - Diane Gallemore via Facebook 8/18/12

"just saw report about u on cnn about syria well all i can say is be carefull dude.." - @chemseddinbenke via Twitter 8/18/12

"Awesome report man, you need to grow your beard and hair again like when you were in Libya :)" - @SkyRider77 via Twitter 8/18/12

"just saw report about u on cnn about syria well all i can say is be carefull dude.." - @chemseddinbenke via Twitter 8/18/12

"u r a true hero" - Ali Haider via Facebook 8/18/12

"#BraveAmerican" - @parisdreams2014 via Twitter 8/18/12

"Thank you for helping the Syrian people Matthew I think you are amazing." - Darlene BlueCat via Facebook 8/18/12

"Matthew Thank you for supporting Libya and Syria" - زهر فبراير via Facebook 8/18/12

"‏good news, i hope you succeed dilivering the true misery people are suffering from regime shelling them" - @JustHumanBeing2 via Twitter 8/18/12

"@Matt_VanDyke @CNNValencia @CNN I'll most def be watching that interview! I'm in the WCoast so hopefully I am still able to watch it!" - @diamondshinee via Twitter 8/18/12

"@Matt_VanDyke great interview with @CNNValencia on @CNN" - @Maliheh_ via Twitter 8/18/12

"good show. [CNN interview]" - @BeJohnboy70 via Twitter 8/18/12

"@matt_vandyke @cnn @cnnvalencia listening now on Sirius [CNN interview]" - @patrparkinson via Twitter 8/18/12

"So glad I'm not your mom and I'm gonna worry about you anyway. :) TRY to be safe. :)" - @KathrynHallPR via Twitter 8/17/12

"@Matt_VanDyke BRAVE MEN, IVe saw You at CNN today." - @Louangie via Twitter 8/17/12

"@Matt_VanDyke is my hero. THANK YOU." - @0CiCi via Twitter 8/17/12

"thanks for going to Libya. Gaddafi car bombed my ship in Apr 88 in Naples and I owed that b****** one." - @A_Heretic via Twitter 8/17/12

"I'm pretty stoked about @Matt_VanDyke's documentary project." - @patrparkinson via Twitter 8/17/12

"i watched you on CNN - you are doing something beyond Call of Duty - amazing story." - Maher Hatoum via Facebook 8/17/12

"Very impressed with your work, May God Bless U & Keep U Safe Always" - Maria Cruz via Facebook 8/17/12

"Looks great, can't wait till the full piece tomorrow morning !" - @A_Heretic via Twitter 8/17/12

"Hi Matthew, just wanted to thank you for al the good work you are doing." - @Ibaabdo via Twitter 8/17/12

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"Another excellent post by Matthew. Due to his long term involvement with Libya and his time spent as a fighter on the ground during the revolution Matthew has a wide and varied network of personal contacts and friendship with Libyans at all levels of society. Using this network he produces the most accurate and true picture of the current situation within Libya I have read in either the international media or the many security assessments provided by the risk management industry." - John Hogan via The Freedom Fighter Blog 7/21/12

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"This is a refreshing take on Libya with Matt VanDyke’s very personal relationship with this country No sophisticated hotels for him but a personal contact with those Libyans he fought alongside. His judgement of the situation today is based on his experience in 2011as a POW in Gadhafi’s prisons as well as a Freedom Fighter. He seems reasonably optimistic. I hope his NGO After the Revolution soon takes form and begins treating Libyan war veterans." - Diane Lockyer via The Freedom Fighter Blog 7/11/12

"Very good report Matt :)" - @AngelaLoRosso via Twitter 7/11/12

"Matt, good stuff!" - Jim Prouty via LinkedIn 7/11/12

"Thank you for a very candid and truthful photo of Libya today. I agree with all that you have written about in your analysis. Except for the Federalism part. Federalism, as it is known in the U.S. in not understood here in Libya. It is seen as a partition of the nation. ( Which is want the dead tyrant dictator wanted. To ” divide, conquer and destroy” this nation of of few people and vast wealth.) Tribalism in Libya will not allow the Federalism concept to simply be a dividsion of governing or distrubtion of wealth and self goverence. Rather is will be used to divide the nation along tribal lines. But anyway, your tour of Libya and analysis of it, is very well documented. Your personal experience in the past year has helped you greatly understand this nation and its people. By mingling with the locals on the streets and living in their homes as a guest, you got the jest of the situ here. Best of luck to you and your family. As always, your welcome to your second home, Libya, any time." - Zak Gariani via The Freedom Fighter Blog 7/11/12

"A very well written and I believe very actuate report on the current situation within Libya. As the comment above says, it is refreshing to read a report by someone who has actually spoken to the Libyan people on the ground. I think that the Matthew’s assessment is greatly helped by his access to an excellent network of friends and contacts in Libya." - John Hogan via The Freedom Fighter Blog 7/11/12

"great work matt,must be very especial and significant be in Libya after fiight wiith this brave people for the freedom. you fight with they in Libya and your work now is admirable,and elections are a big triumph i hope comes soon in Syria too" - @toniapelagica via Twitter 7/11/12

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We got organised, very, please take a look at if you have a moment, and I believe you have an open invite for the other place. :)" - Del via The Freedom Fighter Blog 6/11/12

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"A terrible tragedy analysed thanks to personal experience in Libya giving an extremely poignant touch to this excellent article I wondered why others did not mention the Hs now associated with this ongoing tragedy in Syria" - Diane Lockyer via The Freedom Fighter Blog 5/30/12

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"لورانس العرب الجديد في هذه الحالة سنطلق عليه ماثيو ليبيا وندعوا الله ان لا يكون مثل ابن جلدته لورانس ..في الجزيرة العربية لاننا نحن العرب ننبهر بمن يقوم بمساعدتنا ثم نكتشف اننا سندفع الثمن غالي ... فلماذا يقوم بتزكية الاخوان على غيرهم من القوى السياسية في ليبيا علما بان ليبيا لا تشبه تونس او مصر في كثير من الجوانب ... ماثيو نشكرك على ما قمت به وكفى (Lawrence of Arabia's new in this case we will call him Matthew Libya and invite God to not be like a son of his race .. Lawrence of Arabia because we Nnbehr Arabs who are doing this to help us discover and then we will pay the price Ghali ... So why the Brotherhood recommend to other political forces in Libya note that Libya does not look like Tunisia or Egypt in many ways ... Matthew Thank you for what you've done, and enough)" - Ibrahim via Facebook 5/29/12, translated using Google Translator

"An amazing character!!! Noble and decent and full of courage!!! Masha Allah and thank you very much for your solidarity!!" - Asma via Facebook 5/28/12

"Matthew VanDyke, who although not a military member, has fought the good fight for the freedom of people in the world, and in turn shown many that Americans are not all self centered egotistical consumptionists (Made up word, but should be a real word). Matt has saved lives and helped fight against oppression and he did it without pay, the promise of college tuition, or the safety net of the VA healthcare. In my opinion he deserves every bit of respect that our enlisted military deserves." - Tony Allen Moore via Facebook 5/28/12

"What you're doing is absolutely phenomenal. God Bless You!" - @IndieSpice018 via Twitter 5/28/12

"Im a huge fan. I followed your story while you were in Libya. What you did was nothing short of noble. Im Libyan/American, grew up & lived between Egypt and Boston Ma. Ur story attacked my emotions. haha.. So, its great u got out safe & sound." - @Shoushy via Twitter 5/28/12

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"As a Tuareg American, I must say this is the best article on this conflict I have seen published in the US. I am impressed by your analysis and understanding of a complex conflict. The State Department should hire you as an Advisor. For the records, Tuareg are fighting today for the same inalienable rights American fought for some 200+ years ago. I am sure the founding fathers of this Great Nation would not disagree with you that helping the blue Men of the Sahara is the right thing to do." - Mansar via The Freedom Fighter Blog 5/9/12

"Matthew, Glad you are safe and well after being in Libya during the civil war. I was working in Nigeria when the military ruler was assassinated in 1976 and the results were chaotic.  I would offer that Russian and Chinese weapons, especially AK's, are so widespread worldwide that it's hard to tell which transaction resulted in which faction possessing which weapons. But you are absolutely correct in that the Russians and Chinese will sell weapons to almost anyone. They, ironically, are even more greedy than the capitalists they have criticized for so many years." - Hugh via LinkedIn 5/8/12

"I just followed you on Twitter and liked your Facebook page as well, Matthew. You've certainly had an interesting few years and I'm interested in what you have to say - as someone who has experienced things first hand your views are probably more valid than most supposed ‘commentators’." Damien via LinkedIn 5/8/12

"I am putting together a journal article for an armed forces publication on the effects of the Arab Spring, and I would like to cite some of your work in the piece I am working on. I've followed some of your work and your experiences in Libya, all very interesting." - Mike via LinkedIn 5/5/12

"What a life you have lived, thank you for your service.. Look forward to following your Tweets" - @pat_at_flawless via Twitter 5/4/12

"IMPORTANT: UN is watching reports from #Libya concerning several deaths under #torture- suggest to introduce @Matt_VanDyke as a mediator" - @tdl_events via Twitter 5/3/12

"You sure know how to live life .. I enjoyed reading your story and cause I work for military magazine I know something :) .. I am waiting now to go to Afganistan and Lebanon, maybe Siria, we have our soldiers there. Take care and thank you for sharing your story with us." - Nataša via LinkedIn 5/3/12

"looking forward to your postings #warzone rebel! :)" - @bonnersisters via Twitter 5/3/12

"I bet we all could sit down and write a timeline of how our views have changed over the years. I just don't most of our timelines will be filled with such intense adventures as yours." - Ryan via LinkedIn 5/2/12

"Please write a memoir." - hagagaga via The Huffington Post 5/2/12

"I've got to say though, I am in awe of your courage (or maybe insanity. whatever, both are good :) and of the experiences/perspectives you've accumulated as a result. Your mom/girlfriend must be amazing human beings." - Billy via LinkedIn 5/2/12

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"Excellent analysis of ongoing conflicts in Mali and Sudan which may spill over into neighbouring countries like Niger and Chad Ethnicity and race as well as economic interests notably the Chinese in Sudan can only exacerbate the situation. By putting the conflicts into a historical perspective – colonial-era borders imposed by France and Britain and the unpleasant memories of slavery – as well as your addition of well-detailed maps you have convinced us of how fragile the whole situation is in this part of Africa. As for your suggestion of international diplomatic intervention whether it works remains to be seen. Thank you for a very interesting article." - Diane via The Freedom Fighter Blog 4/26/12

"Keep sorting the truth from the BS mate. good work." - @frederickmelick via Twitter 4/24/12

"Matt, Thank you so very much for defending our freedom, and being willing to share your experiences. It is an honor to be connected with you. Good luck and God bless you" - Tom via LinkedIn 4/23/12

"i know it's late, but thanks for all your help with libya :)" - @libihero via Twitter 4/23/12

"Thanks Matt, I read your article. Its a very good analysis of the situation. I have read and heard about you" - @MGD866 via Twitter 4/21/12

"Dear Matthew, I am sure you get a lot of letters thanking you for standing with the Libyan people. I heard of your story, i heard of your courage, but mostly i heard how you stayed in Libya after you were release from abu saleem prison.  Words can not express the pride and joy i have in the Libyan people, but mostly in You, for having the courage to go to Libya to document what was going on, for the courage to endure abu salim prison, but mostly for keeping an open mind about the revolution. You are a part of the Libyan history and i hope you will be part of the history books as well. I encourage you to write a book, even as small as 20 pages to share with the world what you expreienced, i for one would love to buy it. again, welcome home, i pray that you are well and you are enjoying being around your family and friends. Best of luck to you and yours." - Wafia via Facebook message 4/20/12

"Thanks Matt, I've carefully read your article. You've made an impeccable comparative analysis. Totally agree SNC must take the rebels control matter seriously and as quickly as possible. Once again, thank you." - Mohamed via LinkedIn 4/19/12

"All your efforts will inspire Libyan citizens to struggle for peace in their homeland from one generation to the next as Libyan hero Omar Mukhtar said during his capture." - Thanasate via The Freedom Fighter Blog 4/15/12

"Dear Mathew, I’m Ahmed from Misurata, I live and I work in Paris where I finished my study at Sciences-Po. I’ve been told about your participation to support my citizens against Gaddafi and I truly want to thank you for everything. You are a real hero and human who decided deliberately to fight with the right of people to get freedom and live with dignity. I salute you." - Ahmed via Facebook 4/13/12

"Interesting, informative, well-written. You make a good argument for a viable policy. I wonder if anybody is listening to your thoughtful approach. You should send this to Scott Gration, retired AF Major General and Africa hand, who can get this into the NSC for consideration. Good luck." - Richard via The Freedom Fighter Blog 4/10/12

"Hero of Heroes THANK YOU" - @hamzamu via Twitter 4/6/12

"Islamist parties - good for democracy? @Matt_VanDyke sets out a compelling argument as to why this might the case" - @JonnyGoggs via Twitter 4/5/12

"Mathew, thanks for injecting a dose of reality to what people usually understand simplistically. I appreciate your courage and interest in understanding the issues, and for voicing your thoughts on such a sensitive and "politically incorrect" subject." - Zubair via LinkedIn 4/4/12

"Matthew, having spent alot of time in the Arab world as well, I must say I can not deny your logical explanation, Alot of Islamist have realized that the political route is very effective and can be very beneiftial to their cause, and can gain a substantial backing if done correctly. Most people would disagree with you, because they are thinking of this in the terms of U.S. Politics, and if our political system faced this, how it would turn out. Which in all reasoning, isn't far fetched if you look at how some smaller communities are having an increase of Muslim canidates in local politics. More than one way to Win a Jihad. good article, thanks for sharing." - James via LinkedIn 4/3/12

"Mr VanDyke makes some very interesting points worth considering. Many will reject his opinions because they only see Islamist through the prism of western media. Egypt is another very good example of what he is describing as they head into the second phase of their revolution. The other positive (western) aspect to the evolution he describes is that it will allow more issues to be dealt with at the state to state level. A very good article, well done indeed." - Sam via The Huffington Post 4/3/12

"Dear Matthew ... I know its far too late for talking now that Libya has been liberated , thanks to Allah who provided us with His Almighty support thru our brave fighters, aid of the international community, NATO, and brave men who simply believed in our cause and joined our fighters a the front ... it may be a bit late , indeed, but its never late to express appreciation , admiration and acknowledge someones efforts and good will ....on behalf of many many people inside and outside Tripoli, and on behalf of lets say specifically people of Souk Eljuma , please accept our respects and greeting for your bravery .. I am sorry that I'm running out of words.. Everyone has to meet his destiny and cause of life in this lifetime ... and your destiny was to be a freedom fighter, either with your words, filming or weapon ... We understand how it was being in prison also , even if your were treated "nicely" , waiting for the unknown is itself a tragedy and horror .. most of us had relative sin GHaddafis prisons, my brother was also there and fled with the others when Abu sleem was liberated ..." - Zainab via Facebook 4/2/12

"That was a fascinating article. Thank you. I'd been looking for something a little more in depth on the Tuaregs." - @ASteinfield via Twitter 4/1/12

"Very observant and well argued, Matthew. The Tuareg situation is not at all different from those on many parts of remote inland Australia, so interested to learn of progress and methods being deployed." - Gil via LinkedIn 3/30/12

"Given the onslaught of the "Arab Spring" and its Islamic bent, helping the Tuareg achieve some level of self-government would assist the US both short and long term. You are correct that the US has never really understood Africa, possibly because the US never had expansion/colonial interests there, other than commercial ones. Given the current state of unrest in Africa, ensuring some level of stability benefits everybody, although the Malian government might not agree with that assessment. Excellent assessment of an area that has only recently come to light in the world press." - Reilly via LinkedIn 3/30/12

"This is a very informative piece. I have seen no comparable analysis of the situation in Mali in the media. I hope it gets published in some way." - Ronald via LinkedIn 3/30/12

"As one who keeps a copy of the Consititution on her desk at all times, I support your vision." - Julia via LinkedIn 3/29/12

"Excellent article and analysis. Thank you! (And wouldn’t it be nice if it was read and understood and used by the US State Department…)" - Nancy via The Freedom Fighter Blog 3/29/12

"Amazing article, lots of insight into the conflict I have not seen anywhere else." - Matt via The Freedom Fighter Blog 3/29/12

"I sincerely thought it was the best article I've read on the situation." - Nancy via email 3/30/12

"Dear Mathew, your story inspires all. As a freedom advocatee and exiled refugee for Ogaden Cause, I really understand what you offered for the Libyan people under the Gaddafi brutality." - Ahmed via The Freedom Fighter Blog 3/26/12

"It is sad most others don’t understand about true friendship, Loyalty, Commitment , Trust, Compassion and all that should be. You are one of very few examples of all those attributes. I shall look forward to reading your book. Thank You For showing all the above, You are a true friend and Hero." - Pat via email 3/26/12

"By the way, impressive profile you have. Very educated and experienced, and you've been out in the field defending your country, including the majority of Muslims in those countries, who simply want the necessities of life as we do. I hope people who have an anti-Islamic agenda understand that 99.9% of Muslims are not out to terrorize the world.Thanks for the open minded and experienced view that I hope some people here can emulate and learn from. Absolutely true: past (and current) support of dictators must stop if we wish to remain true to the principles of our Founding Fathers." - Zubair via LinkedIn 3/23/12

"I'm sure you get this a lot but thank you, your a true American and Libyan hero! I was there when you were but sadly never got the chance to meet you. Inshallah we can share a tea and a smoke in OUR new free country!" - Adam via Facebook 3/22/12

"Matthew, A kind and patriotic friend and associate who works tirelessly to insure we continue to maintain our unrestricted Freedom sent me a copy of your most inspiring story.  I have literally read hundreds of books related to all forms of Dictatorships, Theocracies’ and matters related to Domestic and Foreign State and Non –State supported Terrorists and have authored a book on my findings in an effort to provide some small contribution to others, Although I have never heard of or read a story as extraordinary, giving, compassionate and Compelling as yours. I’m feel constrained to ask you to please consider placing your story into a book format for others to understand what makes a true Person/Hero of profound compassion and commitment to “aid their friends” as a friend should and doing the right thing. Your Story should be an inspiration to others like myself to know that Hero’s and true friends like yourself still do exist. Thank you for sharing your story and Via Con Dios Sir." - Patrick via The Freedom Fighter Blog 3/22/12

"As we all know, when we are in a danger situation, we always have risks and opportunities. I salute every man and women who serve the common goal of freedom and i say always have hope in your heart, as such you will overcome the obstacles." Ben via email 3/15/12

"I have read your story and I am grateful for your contribution to the Libyan conflict." - Steve via email 3/15/12

"Matt - I'm a fellow SFSer here. I found your blog post the most compelling thing I've read in ages." - Eric via email 3/15/12

"Dear Matthew, Appreciated for sharing your precious experience in Libya. I also shared your story with my twitter links. It was very impressive and painful in retrospect. Actually, I was reading your story last year before I started this LinkedIn. The last line of your conclusion from George Orwell who is one of my favorite writers has been so strong and great. Thanks again for your thought provoking piece !!" Insung via email 3/14/12

"I was also jailed in Botswana in solitary confinement and I had similar thoughts as you!" - Anonymous via The Freedom Fighter Blog 3/14/12

"What a gripping story, so nerve-racking!! Tyrants should never be allowed to reign ever again!. Peaceful change and democracy should be the order of the day!" - Pancha via The Freedom Fighter Blog 3/13/12

"Dear Mathew, I am so sorry what you and your fellow prisoners endured! Thank god you made it out safely. Thank you for serving and God Bless You. I will share your story. Kindest regards" - Eddie via email 3/13/12

"Great article and I've already retwitted. Please do write more about your time in Libya as this will surely be a part of our history" - Tarek via email 3/13/12

"we are so proud of you Matthew !! We salute your bravery and love for Libya ,Freedom Fighter !!" - @Jerry_Jordan via Twitter 3/13/12

"Glad you are out and able to write this for us all to read a year later... solitary confinement is one of the worst forms of torture... sorry you went through that." - Mariella via Facebook 3/13/12

"are you stateside or still covering the arab revolutions? You're blog is fantastic , wish i would have done something similar" - @polishx via Twitter 3/12/12

"just read your write up on SOFREP. Thanks for your continued service and sacrifices." - @georgesadler via Twitter 3/9/12

"You are superhero man! you should go fight for Syria too. lol" - John A. via The Freedom Fighter Blog 3/9/12

"Matt, I just read your story on SOFREP. Moving and exhilarating story to say the least. I will be looking forward to reading your book. You are a man of great conviction and I raise my glass to you! Cheers. Be safe!" - B. via email 3/7/12

"thank you sir fot what u did for libya..and u most wellcome here,u r 1 of our heros.." - @Rouznai via Twitter 3/7/12

"Hi Matthew, I am proud to know you and to be a part of your story and plight for freedom. I have the utmost respect for your decisions and want to thank you for representing that values of our forefathers...You are a blessing to your friends in Libya, and our company as well...let me know if there is anything else we can help you with...God bless..." - Scott W. via email 3/6/12 (employee at one of my sponsor companies)

"It is incredibly inspiring to realize that America can still produce people such as yourself. I have been reading your installments on SOFREP, thank you for contributing to the website. If you ever decide to go into another country and fight again, I would like you to consider going with other Americans who are similarly minded. I am a paramedic firefighter, ex military and would be honored to go with you. thanks!" - M. via email 3/5/12

"I highly appreciate what you have done towards enhancing the real values of freedom. We are all proud of you. Besides, I would introduce my sincere greetings to your great Mum for her supportive role.All the best" - Amara A.S. via The Freedom Fighter Blog 3/4/12

"i remember tweeting about your disappearance , glad ur ok .amazing what you did" - Anonymous via The Freedom Fighter Blog 2/28/12

"You were and You are those type of men who will make the world change. Convinced, courageous and engaged." - @Soc_Net_Intel via Twitter 2/27/12

"INTERESTING: An excellent blog from a convinced freedom fighter Thank you Sir." - Soc_Net_Intel via Twitter 2/27/12

"Yesterday I saw a video of Matt VanDyke, a Libyan hero. The man really amazed me and my gratitude goes out to his service." - @elberkawi via Twitter 2/27/12

"A truely inspiring blog and site you have ( thank you for producing it" - @1001100111000 via Twitter 2/25/12

"You ought to consider writing a book about your experiences. Incredibly insightful and revealing. Thank you for sharing." - Farhanaqazi via The Freedom Fighter Blog 2/23/12

"God bless you ,we are Libyan will never forget what you did for us,we look foreword to see you among us in new Libya." - Osama K. 2/23/12

"The urge must have come as a natural thing to you, because if you leave time for questioning…you would not have made it. ….You made the right choice and we are indebted to you being a total stranger to our ways of life and religion. Thank you is all i can offer." - Yaseen via The Freedom FIghter Blog 2/21/12

"You rock man." - Anonymous via The Feedom Fighter Blog 2/21/12

"All power to you for caring about humankind no matter where and standing up for what you believe in. Having lost a dear friend photographer/filmmaker Tim Hetherington in Libya, luck was with you. As a woman, I say – be careful next time and give your girlfriend a hug." - Kelly K. via The Freedom Fighter Blog 2/21/12

"Mathtew, what you did was admirable, inspirational and passionate.Your courrage and principles are simply outstanding.Your story is sensational , I wish you publish this in American journal . I don’t believe we fought a civil war but a liberation war was fought in style! Many congratulations." - Abdul F.L. via The Freedom Fighter Blog 2/21/12

"Remarkable Matt, am a 60 years old man, I wish I were with you, Nouri, Tarik and the rest of those brave men upfront, But all I could was using my pen writing all over the place to get the Mad Dog kicked out of Libya and thrown into hell. Bravo Matt." - bahri2 via The Freedom Fighter Blog 2/21/12

"This is a great story about Matt VanDyke and his journey fighting in the Libyan revolution. This is a must read! What a brave person!" - @SeeFreshFilms via Twitter 2/21/12

"taking a moment to express gratitude and admiration ,brave Freedom Fighter !!Best regards frm Peru !!" - @Jerry_Jordan via Twitter 2/21/12

"Thank you Matthew for believing in the Libyan people, especially when the rest of the world was still trying to make its mind up. Your story is truly inspirational. As a Libyan, the passion and duty I have towards my country is expected…but in your case, to devote yourself in such a way to the Libyan cause is very humbling indeed." - Haythem via The Freedom Fighter Blog 2/20/12

"Thanks for putting human face on the news stories of the last year. Your commitment is not only admirable but extraordinary." - John C. via The Freedom Fighter Blog 2/20/12

"I’m speechless over wholmed with your Story, Real Libyans concider you as a real friend. Thank you is not enough , but well done your won 6 miliom person consider youas a real friend." - Abdu via The Freedom Fighter Blog comments section 2/20/12

"Love your story! Love what you did for the Libyans and love that you inspire people! Mabrouk Matthew!" - Fairuz via The Freedom Fighter Blog comments section 2/20/12

"Recollection of his Time in Libya..a true hero" - @SajaR26 via Twitter 2/20/12

"OMG! Just saw your website,your my hero! I wish i can meet you!!" - @HershelWest via Twitter 2/19/12

"People of Libya remember the courage and the commitment of Matt VanDyke a true hero of this blessed revolution." - @NiZiLanDa via Twitter 2/17/12

"Matthew, as a Libyan rebel and on behalf of the Libyan people, I would like to send you the deepest and most sincere thanks for your braveness and standing for justice alongside the Libyan people. You are a man of principle and someone who was willing to risk his life in a place far from his homeland and with a people foreign to him. Thank you and congratulations you have just made 6 million friends." - AT via The Freedom Fighter Blog comments section 2/17/12

"thank you for what u have done for Libya :)" - @libyamms via Twitter 2/17/12

"thank you very much Matthew without men like you and your friends Libya wouldn't have enjoyed freedom" - @hatemsager via Twitter 2/17/12

"thats amazing,what a story!sincerely thank you 4everything u've done4 libya, ur such a brave honorable guy,libyans wont forget" - @VAVA_VIVA_LIBYA via Twitter 2/17/12

"Thank you for your support and courage!" - @ShababLibya via Twitter 2/17/12

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"You an awesome dude ! Did you really join the battlefields with Freedom Fighters in Libya?" - @FromNusaybah via Twitter 2/5/12

"Great to see you back matt, hope you've recovered from your ordeal & that you'll be back in Free Libya soon Benghazi" - @EndTyranny101 via Twitter 2/2/12

"Thankyou Matt, thankyou for being a man and thankyou for trusting Libyan people. You are truely blessed. Thankyou :)" - @Baldtarhuni via Twitter 2/1/12

"You are a legend Matt! When your in Libya or UK let me known plz so we can meet for coffee." - @alisalamat via Twitter 2/1/12

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"Guys Its Matt VanDyke! I Love you man, Lots of Respect from Canada !" - @_LosBlancos via Twitter 2/1/12

"Hey matthew! Just saw the video, this is awesome! I wish you and others would head to Syria! Thought of that?" - @_AHA via Twitter 2/1/12

"Matt, come and help us!! Free Syria RememberHama" - @MaydaySyria via Twitter 2/1/12

"Matt van Dyke - what seems like a war hero. Matt, I was covering closely what was going on in Libya just a year ago." - @IvetaCherneva via Twitter 1/29/12

"That's awesome, thank you for your work and support! What's next?" - @SonOfBengho via Twitter 1/29/12

"Thanks for follow. Followed you as best as I could during your Libya journey. Glad you are safe. Interested to c what u do nxt" - @KathrynHallPR via Twitter 1/29/12

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"I would like to sincerely welcome Matt VanDyke to twitter, a American who fought for Libya's freedom alongside Libyans. We thank you!" - @LibyaInMe via Twitter 1/28/12

"I hope you will be granted success and happiness in whatever you do in life like you helped us be successful and happy again" - @benghazi17feb via Twitter 1/28/12

"Thank you for everything you have done for my country, us Libyans really appreciate it." - @benghazi17feb via Twitter 1/28/12

"No problem- I have much respect 4 what you did in Libya. You're very brave. Also strongly agree w/you on supporting freedom.:)" - @A22523 via Twitter 1/27/12

"Respect to you my friend, respect for you following your humanity and doing what it tells you to do.. respect!!" - @faresbtoush via Twitter 1/27/12

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