Under Armour Heat Gear


matthew vandyke wearing under armour heat gear shirt while pretending to cockfight

Under Armour HeatGear T-shirts are great for cockfighting in Iraq (Warzone Bikers filming, 2010)


Most of Matthew VanDyke's adventures in the past few years were traveling by motorcycle in North Africa and the Middle East, where searing temperatures combined with protective motorcycle gear can result in serious discomfort and even a health risk.  Cotton t-shirts don't let enough air through and absorb sweat, a bad situation when you're sleeping in the desert for weeks at a time and can't shower or do laundry.

In 2008 Under Armour supplied VanDyke with their HeatGear and ColdGear lines of clothing. He wore HeatGear and ColdGear during his solo motorcycle adventures in North Africa and the Middle East and while filming Warzone Bikers in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.

In 2011 Matthew VanDyke was captured by Gaddafi's regime while serving as a freedom fighter in the Libyan civil war, and was wearing his Under Armour longsleeve black t-shirt and Under Armour boxers when captured.  He wore the shirt as a prisoner of war in Maktab al-Nasser and Abu Salim prisons for nearly six months, and escaped wearing it underneath his prison uniform.  The heat in the prison cell was unbearable in summer, but his Under Armour HeatGear longsleeve t-shirt was at least cooler than the prison uniform shirt during the day.

matthew vandyke prisoner of war in maktab al-nasser prison in tripoli libya where he wore his under armour heatgear shirt

Under Armour HeatGear Longsleeve T-shirts keep you cool under the most stressful conditions, even while undergoing psychological torture in solitary confinement in two of Libya's most notorious prisons during a hot African summer (2011)


Under Armour HeatGear is the choice of athletes worldwide, as well as many members of the US military and military contractors.  It is also the choice of adventure filmmaker and freedom fighter Matthew VanDyke.

Under Armour HeatGear clothing is lightweight, features the Under Armour Superior Moisture Transport System, dries quickly, is breatheable, and is made of durable microfiber blend material.


matthew vandyke wearing an under armour heatgear shirt near hosap castle in guzelsu turkey with daniel britt and mz kanuni motorcycles

Matthew VanDyke wearing an Under Armour HeatGear shirt near Hosap Castle in Guzelsu, Turkey (with Daniel Britt and MZ Kanuni motorcycles during the filming of Warzone Bikers, 2010)