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Frequently Asked Questions about Point and Shoot

Matthew VanDyke is available for press interviews about Point and Shoot. To arrange an interview, please email him directly at matthew@matthewvandyke.com

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Your film "Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution" was one of the most successful documentary films of 2013-2014 winning over 40 awards, so why did you choose to only produce, and not direct "Point and Shoot" yourself?

I decided to work for the Syrian Revolution, and my various projects for that cause made it impossible for me to find time to direct Point and Shoot myself. I also felt, as a film director myself, that in this special circumstance it made sense for a number of reasons for someone else to direct a film about me rather than direct it myself. I approached several directors offering them the opportunity to work on this film, and in the end chose Marshall Curry to direct it. Not directing this film was a difficult sacrifice, but one that I made in order to focus my attention on helping the struggle for freedom in Syria.

This is not a typical documentary film since you shot almost the entire film yourself and your story is already well-documented by the international press. What exactly did the director do?

I sat down with Marshall Curry for one day of video interviews and two sessions of recording additional audio voiceovers for the film. He chose most of the footage to use in the film, with my occasional input, from the hundreds of hours of footage I provided to him.

Is Point and Shoot your life story?

Point and Shoot is certainly not my life story. It is Marshall Curry's interpretation and packaging of some events in my life up until I returned from Libya in 2011. My life story is still evolving (and hopefully will continue to), including my work in Syria, and will be told in a book and possibly in a film at a future time (when I have the time to direct such a film.)


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