Freedom Fighter Matthew VanDyke's Speech at American University

American University Syria Solidarity Week

April 17, 2013

(Matthew VanDyke's speech at this event was just a short introduction to the working version (not the final version, which was saved for film festivals) of his Syria war documentary film, Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution, that was shown at the event)


Thank you for having me here today to show my new film, Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution.

I am an activist and filmmaker from nearby Baltimore, MD, and I have a Master’s degree in Middle East Security Studies from Georgetown University, which I guess is your competitor. Sorry about that.

In 2011 I fought in the Libyan revolution as an infantryman and heavy machine gunner, during which I also spent some time as a prisoner of war in two of Gaddafi’s prisons.

Since the war in Libya ended I have been working on various projects to help the cause of freedom in Syria, including this film.

I shot this film in October and November, 2012 with the help of Nour, who stars in the film and is also a producer on it. I made this film to be used at fundraisers to help raise money for Syria, and to capture the essence of who the rebels in Syria are and why they are fighting for their freedom, in a way that American and European audiences can understand and relate to.

Currently I am working to establish a women’s activism center in Syria, which is a very difficult project because there are men on both sides of the conflict who don’t want to see such a project succeed. I hope that after you see this film, and the woman in it, Nour, you will understand the importance of involving more women in the revolution.

If you are interested in showing the film at an event, or want to help with the women’s activist center I am working to establish in Syria, please approach me after the event.

Thank you.

A working version (not the final version, which was saved for film festivals) of Matthew VanDyke's Syria war documentary film "Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution" was shown to the audience.